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Our Safety Statement

Safety is a priority at Woodall Construction Co. Our employees are our greatest asset and contribute significantly to our continued success. Our goal is for each employee to go home safely to their families each day.

Our safety incentive program is designed to recognize and reward the employees of Woodall Construction Company for their efforts to help maintain safe work sites. Employees are enrolled on their first day of work – there is no waiting period. Safety must begin day one!

Safety in the construction industry is something that needs to be the concern of everyone, from the top levels of management to the workers in the field. It is, however, the field workers who have the greatest impact on safety at the work sites and are also affected the most by unsafe situations. They work with equipment and in situations every day that, if not handled with maximum concern for safety, can have a serious impact on them, their families and their future. Most already have good safety records and we want to help them maintain that record. We must also recognize that there are always areas where improvements can be made. We encourage each employee to take a hard look at their own work habits and surroundings and make sure that they are not putting themselves or their fellow workers in danger. We encourage every worker to be alert to safety issues and to make recommendations about improving safety conditions.

Woodall Construction Co.'s safety program is a points based incentive program designed to recognize and reward those employees who maintain good safety records and participate in the many company sponsored training programs. Points can be redeemed at any time for a large selection of high quality brand name items.

This incentive program is a service of Woodall Construction Co., Inc.  The program includes features for keeping safety records, preparation of required reports, and a number of other administrative functions. The web site allows employees to view their accumulated points, set personal goals, select their own rewards, and redeem their points on line. Program administrators have access to a number of special administrative functions that allow them to manage the safety incentive program and monitor progress.

For more information about this program for your company, contact our Safety Director, Dwayne Justice.

Effective date: April 3rd, 2000.

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